INLE - The Wood Wellness Experience

INLE is the name of a wonderful Burmese lake surrounded bya dream like landscape where everything is nature: the water, which seems to assume an incomparable purity, able to create unique sensations of lightness and harmony; the wood, that creates graceful lake dwellings able to draw straight lines to direct one's gaze just above the water level, towards aluxuriant and flourishing vegetation, sweet and protective; the man who meditates between the power of water and wood to complete nature's design while getting great benefits in terms of energy and well-being. INLE Ambiente, by giving the utmost importance to these three elements - water, wood, man has derived its planning philosophy: as for Wood, and especially the fine Teak, it has enhanced its thickness, its resistance, its grains; but also its gentleness, its scent, its natural bond with water.
In essence, its nature; as for Water, that from time out of mind celebrates mankind's purification rites, it has learnt to feel its energy, well being and warmth; as for Man, it has absorbed the passion of craftsmen who are able to listen to wood with their hands and understand andinterpret the messages it communicates like only those whospent most of their life among wooden planks, walking on wood shavings and smelling resin can do.
A connection with Nature that turned into a continuous planning evolution for bathrooms, with the creation of unique furnishings solutions in order to obtain highly personalized spaces.
Every day, every moment, INLE products are symbols of pleasure.