HAND MADE - Tradition and Handcraft

«Carving is the main part of our job. Bottega d'Arte craftsman's hand made work merges with the numerical control machines rough one. The "imperfection" obtained using the chiesel gives life to a wood that could otherwise not be able to speak and give emotions.»
«Bottega d'Arte's decorations are handmade by craftsman using traditional oil paints, natural pigments such as soils and oxides, to get the plating you want. There are also plenty of acrylic paints processed with soils and oxides in order to achieve the desired transparency.»
«At Bottega d'Arte's finishing department it is given completeness to the products through special treatments such as waxing, oiling, polishing with shellac. As reference, it is always kept the simplicity of nature. One of Bottega d'Arte's cornerstones is to value simple things. In order to do that, it's enough to look at the nature. The wood safeguards itself , just respect it and appreciate it for what it is. Let it live. For this reason, we stopped using paints.  Instead of them, we use the cooking or natural treatments.
The pleasure of walking on a natural floor? Beyond words...»